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” I’m delighted to share my journey, passion, and commitment to empowering individuals through the transformative power of beauty.” – Alia Alidrissi
A Vision of Empowerment

A World of Beauty and Inspiration

I was enthralled with the transformational power of beauty from an early age. It was more than just outward appearances; it was about the inner strength and self-assurance that come from being genuinely at ease with oneself. My interest in beauty and image consulting was sparked by my conviction that each person has the right to feel attractive, powerful, and self-assured in their own special way.



Devoted image and beauty consultant, excited to share my experience, enthusiasm, and dedication to inspiring people through the transformative power of beauty.

Est. 2017

Alia Alidrissi

My journey in this field has taken me all over the world, working with a variety of people, and experiencing a wide range of global beauty standards. This international experience further enriched my skills and created a deep appreciation of the uniqueness of each of us. What started as a passion has developed into a fulfilling career. My efforts are not limited to makeup and image consulting. It’s about helping you discover and celebrate your true self. Through personalized sessions, we aim to improve your facial features, hone your style, and help you present your best self to the world.

My journey also led me to master the art of semi-permanent makeup. From perfectly shaped eyebrows to subtly defined lips, my semi-permanent makeup expertise is a testament to my commitment to lasting beauty improvement. Whether you’re a bride looking for the perfect wedding glow, someone exploring the world of semi-permanent makeup, or someone looking to hone their style.

A Journey to Discover the inside-out transformation

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A unique beauty story is waiting to be told, filled with excitement. Let’s embark on this journey together, where beauty meets empowerment, and each session is a step towards unveiling the best version of yourself embracing the beauty that lies within and radiates outward!